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Image by Zac Edmonds

Hydraulic Oil

AMG Hydraulic Oil is the finest quality lubricant formulated for use in all kinds of hydraulic systems under the most difficult conditions. They Include machine tools, presses, industrial and mobile equipment’s. The oil has special anti-wear properties with excellent shear stability, high viscosity index and thermal stability which makes it especially suitable for hydraulic systems.

It is recommended for use in all kinds of hydraulic systems operating under high pressure and high temperature. It can also be used for circulation systems, compressor, pump, bearing and gear lubrication where recommended.


  • Exceptional thermal stability.

  • High-class thermal oxidation stability avoiding sludge formation at high temperature and ensuring long service life of the fluid.

  • Outstanding protection against rust, corrosion and wear, insuring maximum equipment life.

  • Low pour point ensures good fluidity in cold climates.

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