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Gear Oil

AMG Gear Oil is a premium quality lubricant specifically manufactured in order to adapt to the most stringent requirements of manufacturers demanding high extreme pressures and anti-wear levels, high temperatures and cleanness of transmission. Particular additives ensure excellent anti-foam, anti-corrosive, anti-rust properties; meeting wide range of API levels and SAE grades.

Suitable for mechanical transmission system working in severe condition, lubricating mechanical gear boxes and reduction drives in the following; lorries, trucks, agricultural and constructions machinery in severe operating conditions. Developed for lubricating one or two-stage rear axles working at high temperature and for which the user requires an extended oil change interval.


  • Multi-functional use in many axles and gear boxes of a wide range. Increase extreme pressure and anti-wear properties for an optimized lubrication hypoid and non-hypoid axles.

  • Very good thermal performance guarantees the product stable under heavy loads and at high temperatures.

  • Carefully designed frictional properties with base components selected to reduce vehicle fuel consumption.

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