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Motorcycle Wheel

2T & 4T Oil

AMG 2 Stroke Engine Oil is the finest quality lubricant formulated for two-stroke gasoline engines such as motorcycle, scooters, lawn mowers, chain saws, domestic and horticultural machines. The oil is also formulated for use in all type of two stroke engines and two & three wheelers where API TC and JASO FC are required.

AMG 4 Stroke Engine Oil is the top of the range quality lubricant specially formulated for modern 4-stroke motorcycle engines. The friction modifier-free formulation is designed to prevent clutch slippage, delivering maximum torque and power to the wheels. The oil is also formulated for use in passenger car, light duty diesel & four stroke engines.


  • Gives greater protection from heat.

  • Anti-rust fortified for superior rust prevention.

  • Reduces oil thickening.

  • Keeps engine components clean.

  • Reduces spark plug fouling and piston deposit.

  • Low Smoke and low ash formation.

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